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Featuring Carrie Dotson

Looking for an artist to draw up a completely unique tattoo design? 

Hi there, my name is Carrie Dotson and if you contact me with your hopes and dreams I'll put them on paper! Afterwards, when you are satisfied with your design, EasyTatt™ can turn it into a premium temporary tattoo! If you don't want to test drive your design as a temporary tattoo that's fine too, you can take it straight to the tattoo salon. The flexibility is yours.

So, if you are itching for more ink or are an intrepid first timer, send me an email with:

Size: Roughly what size are you thinking?
Location: Where are ya gonna put it?
Subject: How do you envision your tattoo? basically, do you want
a fish or a birdy :) If you have any pictures that have the feel of what
you are looking for, go ahead and send them to me. If you have a
collection of ideas rather than a solid idea, that's ok. Email me 
and I'll talk you through it!

Story: Totally optional, but if there is a backstory for your tattoo I would love to
hear it!

So, what exactly will you get?
Prompt responses: I will respond to your messages quickly! The time spent
on the entire process will depend on the complexity of the design
idea and how quickly you get back to me with feedback on the

Sketches: I'll send you pictures of sketches as we are working through the feedback process to figure out what you would like the tattoo to look like. This normally means 2-4 first round sketch ideas based on your initial idea info. Then you tell me what you like and what you don't like, I refine them, and the process continues until you have the perfect design :)

Digital File: High quality digital copy of the art that you can send to in to EasyTatt™ for a temporary tattoo and/or print off to take to the tattoo shop!

A completely unique tattoo! You will be the only one in the world wearing
that art!
Pricing varies depending on the complexity of the design idea, but
starting price is $40USD From there, it can go up to $60USD (more complex, larger, more color...)

Send me an email about your idea and I'll let you know what price range your design will fall under :)

So, what now?
Send me an email:

I will let you know how much your design idea will cost and how long it'll take to get the first round of sketches to you (usually next day)

Ok, so send me a message and we'll work something out! I am looking forward to working with you!

trial it as a temporary tattoo

When your design is finished, send it into EasyTatt™ for a temporary tattoo and I'll give you a code to receive 15% OFF your EasyTatt™ order!