EasyMatt™ Kit

Add EasyMatt? (strongly recommended). EasyMatt gives your tattoo an even more ultra-realistic matt appearance (no shine!) and extends the life of your tattoo. 1 bottle is enough for up to 10 tattoos.


Creature Set


What you see is what you get!


  • Green frog:1.85in x 1.97in
  • Fox:2.13in x 1.97in
  • Geometric Lion:1.89in x 2.36in
  • Flamingo:2.76in x 1.38in
  • Dolphin:1.42in x 2.36in
  • Bird:1.34in x 1.85in
  • Geometric Bird:0.98in x 2.36in

All EasyTatt temporary tattoos are packaged and enclosed in a storage pouch.

Included withthis pack:

  • Selected Pack (7 tattoos)
  • Application instructions
  • Tattoo Care instructions

EasyMatte (optional extra- you can purchase EasyMatte under the tattoo drop down menu)

EasyMatte Tattoo Shine Remover

EasyMatte is a liquid that removes shine and gives your tattoo a more realistic look. It adds a second layer to your tattoo, enabling a longer lasting result. Simply apply a light layer of EasyMatte over the tattoo to achieve a matte look and protect it. EasyMatte generally keeps the tattoo intact on average for 7 days. One bottle of EasyMatte is enough for up to ten tattoos.