How to Apply

 Applying your EasyTatt™

 Applying your EasyMatte™ - Shine Remover



Application Instructions:

  1. Ensure skin is clean, dry, and free of oil and makeup.
  2. Gently remove clear adhesive sheet.
  3. Place your tattoo face down onto skin and press firmly.
  4. Hold damp cloth against back of tattoo. Press down, to wet it thoroughly.
  5. Wait 10 seconds, then gently peel off paper backing. 

Apply EasyMatte™ to remove shine!

Removal? Household tape works best, otherwise, soap or water.


EasyMatte Instructions

  1. Shake bottle well.
  2. Put on the tattoo glove and squeeze a small amount of liquid from the bottle onto your gloved finger. Softly massage in a circular motion over entire tattoo and along edges.
  3. Let dry completely. If needed, repeat process and let dry.

Do not apply to sensitive skin or near eyes.

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