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Forget me not - Sailor Jerry

Stayed on for over two weeks and looked great! I loved it!

Some of my friends thought I actually had a real tatt on there at the ankle. Faked them out for sure!!

Great custom tatt for birthday

My friend turned 50 and I uploaded a pic of her and your company did a great job adding to the tattoo. My friend was so surprised and every person at the party was amazed. I’m sure your going to get lots of orders for special occasions from that one night. You turned it around in less than a day and shipped it fast. Easy peasy! Thx

3 Roses

I’m sorry I’m inpatient my order came sorry for the bad review. Super cute!

Exactly what I wanted

Easy tatt took my random picture from the internet and made it into exactly the temporary tattoo that I wanted. It’s great quality and looks real on my leg. I’ve decided that I don’t want the real one after all. So glad I did this first! Best place for customs.

Perfect temporary tattoos!

I needed an order shipped quickly for a costume party and EasyTatt delivered! The temporary tattoos were perfect and arrived right on time! I definitely recommend ordering from here!!!

Love them!

Easy to put on & looks great! Will definitely be coming back if (when) I dress as Axl Rose again!

Exactly what i wanted

I wanted axl’s exact tattoos and they
were perfect and stayed way longer than costume was perfect !

Excellent product!

The tattoos were perfect! Easy to apply!



3 x Ruby Heart and Roses - By Lenera Solntseva

Love it! It's perfect for my character. (Calendar Girls - my character - Cora - has a tattoo). And it's held up really well. Thank you!

Excellent quality and easy to apply!!

I was skeptical about ordering these due to the price but I knew it would complete my costume. Glad I made the purchase! The tattoos shipped quickly and were excellent quality. I had difficulty removing all of them. They made it through a full 2 days and a shower.

Large (6") Custom Tattoo

I had been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while but was worried about regretting something that is permanent. The EasyTatt seemed like the perfect way to test out the location and actual tattoo design to be sure I was making a decision I would not regret. It delivered! The EasyTatt tattoo I received was exactly what I had sent them (jpeg file) except for the color, which wasn't important for me (I assumed it would be the color of gray that was the jpeg image but it came out brown. I should have stated in the comment section the color so there was no confusion). I was able to place the EasyTatt on my forearm and by the second day I knew I wanted the permanent one. The EasyTatt was still in pretty good shape by the fifth day when I removed it. Three days later I had the permanent tattoo done and couldn't be happier. I thank EasyTatt for making me confident in my decision to go permanent! I would also recommend the EasyMatt to take the shininess off the EasyTatt and to make it last longer.

Almost as advertised

95% satisfied. They do not specify that if you have a lot of clear area, that too gets transferred. It looks weird. Had to remove first (they send 2), do a lot of trimming then apply.

After lots of compliments.

It was lovely, I loved it.


I haven't used them yet - they are for a stage show that opens Sep 13.


Best Temporary

Best Temporary Tattoos

I haven't seen it yet as I'm traveling

Looks real

Looked real after put on solution, would definitely recommend!

Borb tattoo

It lasted a long time and was easy to apply
Will order again and will recommend to my friends


got it of my friends face for giggles and it stayed on for a while, would buy again

Tall flowers

Great looking tattoo. Sharp and crisp lines. Wife loved it.