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temporary tattoos USA
USA and Canada:
Standard: 5-9 business days
Price: $5 USD
temporary tattoo
DHL Express: 3-5 business days
Price: $16 USD
custom temporary tattoos
UK and Ireland:
Standard: 5-9 business days
Price: $14.98 AUD
fake tattoos America
DHL Express: 1-4 business days
Price: $24.98 AUD
fake tattoos
Standard: 3-7 business days 
Price: $7.49 AUD (FREE over $50 AUD)
custom temporary tattoos
Express: 1-4 business days 
Price: $12.49 AUD (FREE over $99 AUD)
semi-permanent tattoos
New Zealand:
Standard: 7-11 business days
Price: $7.98 AUD (FREE over $56 NZD)
DHL Express: 1-3 business days
Price: $19.99 AUD
semi-permanent tattoo
Rest of World:
Standard: 8-18 business days
Price: $15.98 AUD
semi-permanent tattoo
DHL Express: 3-4 business days
Price: $28.99 AUD
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