Request Design - Yenty Jap



    Hello, Yenty Jap here! I am an experienced graphic designer and illustrator, with the ability to turn your tattoo ideas into reality. Contact me with a concept or a vision, and I will transform it into a design! Once you are satisfied with the design, EasyTatt™ can create the quality, customised temporary tattoo and send it your way.

    All you need to do is email me a few details ( and we can get started making your tattoo dream come true;

    Size: approximate size

    Location: e.g. arm, back, chest. If you’re not sure yet don’t worry!

    Subject/idea details: Please share the look and feel you are after, or the concept you have in mind. You’re welcome to send supporting images, or we can workshop ideas together.

    Once you have sent me the email, the process begins:

    1. I will give you a quote and let you know how much time I’ll needed to finish the work, I am also happy to adjust with your time
    2. I will share with you sketches of the artwork, once you are happy with the sketches, I will produce digital version of the work
    3. Once you are happy with the final artwork, EasyTatt will produce the temporary tattoo 

    At the end of this process you should end up with a completely unique, beautiful, high quality tattoo! This is the perfect opportunity to test out the tattoo and maybe even use the one-of-a-kind design we have created together for a permanent tattoo.

    Please send an email my way- - and we can get started!