EasyMatte™ Kit

Add EasyMatte? (strongly recommended). EasyMatte gives your tattoo an ultra-realistic matte appearance and extends the life of your tattoo. 1 bottle is enough for up to 10 tattoos.

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Sailor Jerry Collection


What you see is what you get!

Sizing: This set makes up a US Letter page

All EasyTatt temporary tattoos are packaged and enclosed in a storage pouch.

Included with each purchase:

  • Selected tattoo(s)
  • Application instructions
  • Tattoo Care instructions

EasyMatte (optional extra- you can purchase EasyMatte either at the checkout or under the tattoo drop down menu)

EasyMatte Tattoo Shine Remover

EasyMatte is a liquid that removes shine and gives your tattoo a more realistic look. It adds a second layer to your tattoo, enabling a longer lasting result. Simply apply a light layer of EasyMatte over the tattoo to achieve a matte look and protect it. EasyMatte generally keeps the tattoo intact on average for 7 days. One bottle of EasyMatte is enough for up to ten tattoos.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sailor jerry tattoos

I really like my purchase and look forward to other designs.



Realistic and hardwearing

Looked realistic - the EasyMatte solution works magic, would like some vintage designs which appear "mature" with softer edged rather than "freshly inked". The tatts are hardwearing and don't come off easily at all (which is a blessing and curse). First time removing I only had soap and water but that was not good - ended up having to use a lava stone which cut my skin up. For my next one I tried the recommended removal instructions - alcohol/baby oil - but they didn't work well and still had to scrub/pick at them. For my third attempt I used sticker removal solution from the hardware section of the local supermarket and it worked a charm, a few drops on a paper tower and they came off in seconds without any harm to the skin. That's my tip! Would definitely get them again.