small custom temporary tattoo
Small Custom Temporary Tattoo - Custom Tattoo
Small Custom Temporary Tattoo - Custom Tattoo
Small Custom Temporary Tattoo - Custom Tattoo

Small Custom Temporary Tattoo

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Simply upload your image then tell us the specific size you want it to be in the notes section at checkout. It can be any size within 5cm x 5cm and the price includes 2 copies of your uploaded image!

We will print your image as a high quality custom temporary tattoo. Our realistic temporary tattoos are perfect for those who want to test drive a tattoo design before committing to the real thing or just for fun. We are the market leaders in custom temporary tattoo printing and our reviews prove it!

3 SIMPLE STEPS to get your EasyTatt custom temporary tattoo.

Step 1: Have your artwork saved as a JPEG, PNG or PDF (you don't need to reverse/mirror the image). Note that white areas will print as transparent. 

Step 2: Upload your file then click 'Add to Cart'. 

Step 3: If you want a specific size, please write your size instructions in the notes section at checkout. For example: "please size to design to 5m in length and leave the rest in proportion, OR, "please size to 5cm x 5cm".

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the background of your image is white, transparent or easy enough for us to remove in Photoshop. If your image has a more complex background then the results may not be quite as good but we will still try our best! Please leave any specific instructions in the notes section at checkout and we will read them.

Processing time: Custom tattoos take 1-2 days to process.

Any questions? For an instant response from one of our friendly staff TEXT 0420 444 949

Or send an email to and we will gladly help you.

Need something added to your design? For small things, e.g. you want to add some text to an existing image, just put your instructions in the order notes - we don't charge extra for this.

Need something drawn from scratch?

We have tattoo artists in our team who can work with you to draw something up. Commissions will cost extra because the artist charges their fees separately for their time. Contact us and we can connect you with an artist!

        • Loved by 500k+ EasyTatt™ fans across the globe (see our 5-star reviews below)

        • Long lasting quality – Our next-gen temporary tattoos last 3-8 days (or more) depending on lifestyle habits. They are 100% waterproof and sweatproof. With no shelf life, you can keep them as long as you like!

        • Anti-shine technology – Only EasyTatt has EasyMatt™ - The shine-removing formula that gives your tattoos an ultra-realistic matte appearance. Guaranteed to shock your Mother!

        • Ultra-detailed – Our Micro-Dot™ printing technology means perfect clarity and shading, even in the finest details

        • Easy to use – Our tattoos apply effortlessly in seconds and appear instantly. Don’t want your boss seeing them? Remove any time with ease!

        • Skin safe – We print with a soy-based ink, which is 100% Organic, Vegan and Cruelty-Free. Only available at EasyTatt™

        • 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30 day, no hassle returns. It’s part of our InkSurance™ policy (how good is that?)

        100% Organic
        Vegan | Cruelty-Free
        Soy-Based Ink

        Long Lasting Quality
        Water & Sweat Proof
        No Shelf Life

        Anti-Shine Technology
        EasyMatt™ Liquid

        Mutiple Sizes
        5,000+ Designs
        Colour at No Extra $


        Over 500k
        Happy Customers
        Real Reviews

        WHY BUY FROM US?

        • FREE 30 day returns on all Australian orders: It’s part of our InkSurance™ guarantee (who doesn’t love that!?)

        • Zero shine technology
          Our EasyMatt™ formula removes shine, giving your tattoos an ultra-realistic matte appearance

        • 100% organic & cruelty-free
          We print with vegan soy-based inks that are gentle on the skin

        • 7-day customer support Message us on WhatsApp +6142 0444 949

        Know the Difference

        EasyTatt™ Other brands
        Long lasting
        Zero shine*
        Easy application
        Skin safe
        Real artists
        FREE returns
        Multiple sizes
        Small sizes are a set of 2
        Shelf life Infinite 3 months

        *when Shine Remover is added to cart

        Do you love the idea of expressing yourself without limits?

        EasyTatt™ IS PERFECT FOR:

        Test Driving
        Tattoo Ideas

        a Cause

        and Events

        Shocking Your

        Don't wait

        Due to high demand, our designs often sell out. If you have any questions, please email us at

        Based on 6830 reviews
        Wow !!!

        I was a little dubious when I made my purchase, would they look authentic? Would they last? Are they detailed? Well the answer is an undoubtedly YES.
        Very easy to apply, be patient and the Tat will gradually appear and last. You can rub it, shower, bathe and it won't come off or smudge....I got loads of comments from friends who thought it was genuine....will definitely be placing more orders.

        Easy to apply and it looks great.

        I submitted multiple custom-made pictures. It comes with two tattoos on each paper. The quality of the print was amazing. It shows all the details from the original picture. It gave me good confidence before I made the real tattoo. The application is super easy.
        The only criticism is it will come off after two days. But that is what a temporary tattoo should be.



        Indecisive tattoo designs

        Thankyou so much! My daughter's and I have absolutely loved trying these designs out and they look so real! Thankyou easytatt!

        Swallows x 2

        Love this and wanted for awhile (thank you sale) great colour and size. Posted safely including a water resistant sleeve (appreciated given the downpours). A+

        Kelly Day

        Love it

        Really beautiful

        Lovely set of tattoos. I can’t speak to how they look on, as they are a gift.


        Easy to apply and looks awesome

        Good fun

        Has been good fun, playing with where I should get my next tattoo while not having the full commitment until I’m ready.

        Sunset Wave
        Lucy Mullens

        Lasted a while which is good


        Love this snake tattoo and the service was excellent - arrived quickly with everything we expected, and instructions were easy to follow.

        (NEW)All Eyes
        So pretty

        Such a gorgeous design! The detail really shows when on the skin. Unfortunately it didn't turn out as dark as I'd hoped.


        Very cool, came quickly. Great stuff

        First time buyer

        Purchased a bunch of semi-perm tattoos. Tried a couple of them already and theyre great! The full sleeve is awesome.

        So Cute!!

        Such a cute little tat and the quality was far better than I'd expected. Got matching tatts for me and my bestie and she loved them. Will definitely buy again.

        Cute and Fun

        I absolutely love this set. They are fun and by fun is you can put them behind your ear or on your fingers or wrist. So many options to play with !

        Best Tat everrrrr!!

        Really easy to put on and lasts ages!!! Quite a good size too!! Love it 😍


        Needed some tattoos for a makeup look and these did not disappoint. Came Nice an quick too which was amazing, easy to apply and easy to remove

        (7 Tattoos) Secret Garden

        Literally there so many to pick from, but I loved the secret Garden one as it gives you the freedom to pick whatever you want & get a feel on where you can possibly get your forever designs

        Love it

        This was gorgeous x lasted so long and was a good way to see it where I imagined x I have since bought three more and probably will continue just to use this instead of permanent

        Control Freak
        Derry -

        Very cool Tattoo, it last around 2 weeks!

        Barb Wire Rose

        Love it - will definitely be ordering more

        Permanently Love it

        I'm so excited for them and I will apply one when I gift them to my sisters at Christmas. I've taken the one I want from the pack. What a brilliant idea and for someone like me that has committment issues, I can change my mind and reapply a different tattoo. I will be ordering more!

        John Martin

        These tattoos are great in color and longevity.
        Will be a continued customer.

        Love Rose
        Belinda Stewart
        Love Rose

        Awesome design and a great try before your (over) commit to the real thing!
        Have applied a few times and just love it
        Getting a permanent design very soon



        - Lasts up to 2 weeks (or more)

        - Develops over 24-48 hours

        - Gradually fades as the skin regenerates itself naturally


        - Lasts 3-7 days (on average)

        - Appears instantly

        - Remove any time with ease

        - Full colour available

        Yes, our plant-based inks are 100% organic and vegan. Our temporary tattoos utilise soy-based inks while our semi-permanent tattoos are derived from fruit.

        All of our products are throughly tested to ensure they meet cosmetic regulatory requirements.

        Unlike other brands, EasyTatt semi-permanent and temporary tattoos do not expire. They have an infinite shelf life so you can store them for future use. Our freehand inks can be kept for 1 year before losing potency. To preserve ink potency, freehand ink bottles should be stored in the freezer when not in use.

        Nano Ink™ is the name given to our line of (individual) semi-permanent tattoos.

        It is a revolutionary product that utilises our semi-permanent ink and embeds the formula into a nano layer of organic material.

        This technology allows us to create complex semi-permanent designs that are incredibly easy to apply!

        Shine Remover is an (optional) product associated with our line of temporary tattoo products. It includes EasyMatt, which is a formula that removes shine from your tattoo creating an ultra-realistic matte appearance.

        This product is not necessary for our line of semi-permanent tattoos.

        Our freehand products allow you to unleash your inner artist! All freehand products utilise our premium-grade semi-permanent ink.

        Stencil kits include highly detailed stencils that you can trace over with the (included) freehand bottle. They're perfect if you're not feeling brave enough for to go full freehand. But, if you do want to give freehand a try, there's enough ink in the bottle to do so!

        All orders are proudly shipped from our headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia.

        We ship worldwide