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Based on 6559 reviews
Black Roses
Zoe Zoe

So beautiful I can’t wait to use them as I’m waiting for my other tattoos that I have purchased to fade ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Brianna Fischer
Great semi permanent tattoo

I was shocked at how real this semi permanent tattoo looked when it developed iv had so many people ask me if this was a real tattoo

Celtic Rune Symbol
Jen Christie
Vegvisir (Celtic rune) semi-permanent tattoo

Loved this tattoo - still going strong 3 weeks later. Will definitely buy again.

Puppy Paws

Awesome Tatt, easy to use and looks great

Abstract Sunflower
Kayla Smithwick
Deceivingly great

Took about 4 days, but it turned out beautiful! I love the details. Wish it was a little bigger. But overall really happy


Easy to apply, looks great, artwork is fantastic.

Wise Direction

So easy and quick to apply.

Great product !!

Delivery was quick and the product was very easy to apply. Did not have any side effect.

Five Stars!!!

Amazing artwork and very easy to apply. 10/10 will buy again.

Heart tattoo

Really easy to apply and great quality

(40 Tattoos) Badass
Inga Pruess
Love it

I absolutely love these tattoos, they look so real.
Will order more!!!

Multi Size Mystery Bundle
Broderick Floyd

These things are awesome

Feather tattoos

So recieved these and they are much smaller than I thought. They say 17cm. But are closer to 15. Won't cover where I need it to. But may find another spot for it. Still pretty.



Swallows x 2
Brock Yates
Sweet Swallows

Thought we'd give EasyTatt tattoos a go. They're great. Picked out a pair of Swallows and they're awesome. Easy to apply. Easy to follow instructions. Really impressing result. Good bit of fun and they look great.

Love it!

Looks very cute on my wrist


Love it looks so good might get it for real. Pictures are first day and then second day

I love the results

Ordered the custom tatt at first and then the semi permanent tatt and it’s fantastic. Doesn’t rub off and stays on for a couple of weeks. When it starts to fade you can redo it


I bought this pack of serpents for myself, but my husband ended up begging me to try them. He took them all 🙄. He’s rapt, looking at booking an appointment for his first ink.
Thanks so much.

LOVE LOVE LOVE- custom design

These semi permanent tattoos are amazing. Once they fully develop it makes you feel like you have the real thing. Have had so many compliments about how real it looks. If you are considering buying some I would highly recommend you do.
Due to my health I am unable to get tattoos however with these semi permanent ones I don’t feel I am missing out anymore

T-Rex Set
Rebecca Francis
My son loves them

I work from home doing cosmetic tattooing and my 4 year old son is dying for a tattoo these have been perfect for him

Love it!

I’m wanting to get a real tattoo but have felt unsure so thought I’d get a fake one to see how I feel. I love it! It looks so good.

Easy to apply and looks legit

I came across an easytatt add in facebook and I was curious. I was thinking of getting a real tattoo but not sure how it will look on my arm. I found a design I liked in easytatt and the good thing is it’s non-permanent. i can try and see how it looks on my skin and decide later on if I want to have a permanent one.
It looks real! Mine developed fully in a day!

love it

I was really pleased with how this tattoo worked out. After surviving a horrible year "this too shall pass" has become a mantra for me and having it there on my arm was really cool. I'm now ready to get it permanently done.

Tramp Stamp
Amit Pillay

Great realistic design and easy to apply. Highly recommended



- Lasts up to 2 weeks (or more)

- Develops over 24-48 hours

- Gradually fades as the skin regenerates itself naturally


- Lasts 3-7 days (on average)

- Appears instantly

- Remove any time with ease

- Full colour available

Yes, our plant-based inks are 100% organic and vegan. Our temporary tattoos utilise soy-based inks while our semi-permanent tattoos are derived from fruit.

All of our products are throughly tested to ensure they meet cosmetic regulatory requirements.

Unlike other brands, EasyTatt semi-permanent and temporary tattoos do not expire. They have an infinite shelf life so you can store them for future use. Our freehand inks can be kept for 1 year before losing potency. To preserve ink potency, freehand ink bottles should be stored in the freezer when not in use.

Nano Ink™ is the name given to our line of (individual) semi-permanent tattoos.

It is a revolutionary product that utilises our semi-permanent ink and embeds the formula into a nano layer of organic material.

This technology allows us to create complex semi-permanent designs that are incredibly easy to apply!

Shine Remover is an (optional) product associated with our line of temporary tattoo products. It includes EasyMatt, which is a formula that removes shine from your tattoo creating an ultra-realistic matte appearance.

This product is not necessary for our line of semi-permanent tattoos.

Our freehand products allow you to unleash your inner artist! All freehand products utilise our premium-grade semi-permanent ink.

Stencil kits include highly detailed stencils that you can trace over with the (included) freehand bottle. They're perfect if you're not feeling brave enough for to go full freehand. But, if you do want to give freehand a try, there's enough ink in the bottle to do so!

All orders are proudly shipped from our headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia.

We ship worldwide