Floral Abstraction
Floral Abstraction

Floral Abstraction

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Floral Abstraction
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Floral Abstraction  Semi-Permanent Tattoo

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Discover Nano Ink™ Technology by EasyTatt.ink

SIZE: 18 x 11 cm

Included with each purchase:

  • Nano Ink™ tattoo
  • Skin Prep Wipe
  • EasyTatt storage pouch
  • Application instructions

Lasts 1-2 weeks | 100% Organic | Vegan

  • Loved by 500k+ EasyTatt™ fans across the globe (see our 5-star reviews below)

  • Long lasting quality – Our Nano Ink™ Semi-Permanent Tattoos last 1-2 weeks (or more) depending on lifestyle habits. They are 100% waterproof and sweatproof. With no shelf life, you can keep them as long as you like!

  • Hassle-free application – Up until now, applying semi-permanent tattoos was a difficult and delicate process. Not any more, thanks to Nano Ink™ by EasyTatt™

  • Ultra-detailed – Our Micro-Dot™ printing technology means perfect clarity and shading, even in the finest details

  • Biodegradeable – The clear protective film on our semi-permanent tattoos is derived from corn and is 100% biodegradable

  • Skin safe – Our semi-permanent ink is 100% Oganic, Vegan and Cruelty-Free

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30 day, no hassle returns. It’s part of our InkSurance™ policy (how good is that?)

100% Organic
Vegan | Cruelty-Free
Soy-Based Ink

Lasts 1-2 Weeks
Water & Sweat Proof
No Shelf Life

Ultra-Dark Pigment
Deep & Rich

Super Fast and


Over 500k
Happy Customers
Real Reviews


  • FREE 30 day returns on all Australian orders: It’s part of our InkSurance™ guarantee (who doesn’t love that!?)

  • Applies in seconds
    We spent years ensuring our semi-permanent tattoos apply quickly and easily

  • 100% organic & cruelty-free
    Our all-natural ink is derived from a fruit, with no added chemicals

  • 7-day customer support Message us on WhatsApp +6142 0444 949

Know the Difference

EasyTatt™ Other brands
Long lasting
Fast application
Ultra dark
Real artists
Cost effective
FREE returns
Skin safe
Small sizes are a set of 2
Shelf life Infinite 3 months

Do you love the idea of expressing yourself without limits?


Test Driving
Tattoo Ideas

a Cause

and Events

Shocking Your

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Due to high demand, our designs often sell out. If you have any questions, please email us at

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Based on 6534 reviews
Enchanted Wolf
Ruwandee Dissanayake
It looks like professionally done

I love the depth of the color and it looks very real however it is shiny

Keep Going x 2
Melanie Estee

It’s perfect

Classic Owl
Owl tattoo

Great value

Need the Semi Permanent Tatt

Purchase the temporary Sleeves as there were no Semi-Permanent ones available. Great concept but certainly need the Semi-Permanent if you want to wear it for a few days. The temporary came off very quickly. Also the small bottle of Easy Matt is simply not enough for a full sleeve. Probably need to make that more clearer. I would have gone for 3 possible four for a full sleeve. Where it was applied it did a great job.

Death Moth
Looks real!

Detailed beautiful! Easy to apply, very happy

Alex Mcintosh

Very detailed, easy to apply, looks great


Great product and is exactly as pictured. Thank you

Arrow Designs
Sam Hull

Hate trying to trim around these small arrows.
Pain in the butt for sure.

Great quality

Great quality and very detailed

Realistic tattoos

Absolutely love these, so easy to appily n very realistic, fooled quite a few ppl 😀

Great purchase

Beautiful I love it

Amazing quality

I love these semi-permanent tattoos from Easy Tatt! They are easy to apply, realistic and high quality, and safe for the skin!

(2 Tattoos) Enlighten
Angela Cooper
Enlighten Semi-Permanent Tattoos

Great designs, really good quality and very long lasting. Always fast delivery and friendly customer service. Very happy with my purchase once again.

Tatto looked real

I got many compliment from friends. I put the tat on the chest and it stayed there for around 2 weeks.

(NEW) Lioness
Allison A

Great company to deal with and great product would buy again

Easy as 😊

Easy to apply. Looks great. Enjoying trying out some different tattoos.

Runes Crow
Good products/ not for me

Good product as usual however this piece is not for me

It’s so beautiful

I am so happy with this one! I have wanted a sunflower tattoo for so long so I thought I’d try this out to see if the placement was good and it’s perfect! Thank you so much 🌻

Absolutely Love It

It looks so amazing and came out brilliant on my skin, I did have a bit of hair on my arms I didn't shave or anything and it worked fine.

(2 Tattoos) Fighter
So good my husband loves it

Really happ With the results

I just wanted to try this before I went ahead and the quality of this one is WONDERFUL! I love it easy to apply - worth the wait

Busy Bee
Cute little mate!

Super happy with my little friend. Developed really well despite the crease/pinch point. Always a great product!

Testament to quality

I was impatient and didn't prep properly, applied to my super scaly skin, and took a terrible foot pic, and it still looks amazing (actual tattoo on my ankle for comparison). Always super happy with EasyTatt!

Butterfly Bond
Steven White
Happy Wife Happy Life

Wife loves it, she always talks of getting a tattoo but never had the courage, so this is perfect for her

Love the little turtle

I had my school friends fooled with the semi permanent little turtle on my wrist. Love it x



- Lasts up to 2 weeks (or more)

- Develops over 24-48 hours

- Gradually fades as the skin regenerates itself naturally


- Lasts 3-7 days (on average)

- Appears instantly

- Remove any time with ease

- Full colour available

Yes, our plant-based inks are 100% organic and vegan. Our temporary tattoos utilise soy-based inks while our semi-permanent tattoos are derived from fruit.

All of our products are throughly tested to ensure they meet cosmetic regulatory requirements.

Unlike other brands, EasyTatt semi-permanent and temporary tattoos do not expire. They have an infinite shelf life so you can store them for future use. Our freehand inks can be kept for 1 year before losing potency. To preserve ink potency, freehand ink bottles should be stored in the freezer when not in use.

Nano Ink™ is the name given to our line of (individual) semi-permanent tattoos.

It is a revolutionary product that utilises our semi-permanent ink and embeds the formula into a nano layer of organic material.

This technology allows us to create complex semi-permanent designs that are incredibly easy to apply!

Shine Remover is an (optional) product associated with our line of temporary tattoo products. It includes EasyMatt, which is a formula that removes shine from your tattoo creating an ultra-realistic matte appearance.

This product is not necessary for our line of semi-permanent tattoos.

Our freehand products allow you to unleash your inner artist! All freehand products utilise our premium-grade semi-permanent ink.

Stencil kits include highly detailed stencils that you can trace over with the (included) freehand bottle. They're perfect if you're not feeling brave enough for to go full freehand. But, if you do want to give freehand a try, there's enough ink in the bottle to do so!

All orders are proudly shipped from our headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia.

We ship worldwide